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Principal's Desk

James college of Education offers three Degree courses in Education such as B.Ed., M.Ed., and M.Phil. Today, formal professional Education has become an absolute necessity. Hence, we aim at quality teacher education and strive to provide best possible professional preparation to the prospective teachers. For this we have got distinguished teacher educators and sufficient infrastructure-Automated Library, Computer Lab, Psychology Lab, Technology Lab, Physical Science Lab, Natural Science Lab, Language Lab etc.

Education in the modern world is no longer merely the imparting of knowledge but it is concerned with the awakening of curiosity, the development of proper interests, attitudes and values and the capacity to think and judge for oneself, without which one cannot become a responsible member of a democratic society.

To achieve the above goals, students of this college are provided with ample opportunities to engage in co-curricular activities. Based on the optional subjects, different clubs are organized. Seminars, National conferences, Sports meet, Art competitions, Food Festival, etc are conducted and the winners are given prizes. National days and religious festivals are celebrated and students are encouraged to stage cultural programmes.

Field Trips and Excursions are conducted to provide first hand experience to the students. Seminars are conducted to widen the knowledge of the students. Faculty members and students are encouraged to attend seminars and work shops conducted by other colleges. Faculty meetings are also held to promote the curricular and co-curricular programmes of the college.