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Curriculum Laboratory


The college has a computer lab with 20 computers. The teacher trainees are free to use the internet facilities for their studies. In addition the teacher trainees are free to make use of the laboratory for preparing power point presentations, computer aided learning packages and softwares related to education. They can take print out and write CDs for their education purposes.


To provide maximum student activity, the practical work is made a prominent feature in the B.Ed. course. The physical science laboratory of the college has a good collection of booth Physics and Chemistry working and static models, equipments, apparatus, and chemicals, required for high schools and higher secondary schools.

The laboratory is used for the practical class of the student teachers on different occasions. Students teachers the equipments to the perform in their respective schools during preliminary and intensive teaching practice. They perform experiments and maintain a practical record note book.


The college has a well equipped laboratory for biological science. The nature of Biology requires the active involvement of those who wish to teach it in carrying out investigations in the laboratory.

Preparation and examination of microscope slides, preservation of specimens, demonstration of experiments, exploration of physiological process, development of teaching models, dissection work, and maintenance of aquarium and establishment of bottle gardens are some of the enjoyable educational endeavors carried out by our prospective biology teachers in the Biology lab. Apart from these, the Biology lab is a forum where discussions on various issues in Bio-Science are held to help the trainees gain cognizance of the recent trends and developments in Biology.


The B.Ed trainees are to be acquainted with the methods of applying psychological principles in their pedagogy. The psychology lab is specially equipped with all the latest tests such as Intelligence Tests, Nonverbal Tests, Verbal Tests, Aptitude Tests, Personality Scales, Attitude Tests and Interest Inventories.

Regular sessions are devoted to encourage the students to make use of the psychology laboratory. It is a workplace where trainees develop understanding of the various terms in Educational Psychology. They perform experiments and maintain a practical record note book.


Educational technology lab has got the following items such as Over Head Projector (OHP), VCR, TV, epidiascope, slide projector and tape recorders, LCD projector. The students make use of the above items effectively in their teaching learning process.