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About us

James College of Education was started in the academic year 2005-06 in memory of DR. James father of Dr. James Prem Kumar, B.Sc., M.B.B.S., M. Phil., Secretary of the college with the aim of producing teachers with quality sincerity needed to embed and shape the future density of India.

James College of Education is located in a beautiful landscape at Mananvilai, near Karungal in Kanyakumari District. It lies in the main bus route of Nagercoil to Karungal just 1 Km away from karungal. The distance from Nagercoil to Mananvilai is 22Kms.

The college is Co-educational with a strength of 100 teacher trainees(B.Ed). 50 Post Graduate Students(M.Ed) and 20 M.Phil. Scholars. The college is recognized by the NCTE, Bangalore and is affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers EducationUniversity, Chennai.

Our Vision

Preparing illustrious and ethical teachers with sound leadership qualities, Social vision and a flair for consistent research, so as to ensure integrated and rapid development of the society.

Our Mission

To facilitate the accessibility of inclusive and higher education to poor, disabled and marginalized people.
To provide hands-on training in educational research, encompassing a wide range of areas of social and educational relevance.
To train a technology-oriented and value based teacher-community committed to uphold the traditions.
To sensitize and encourage the teachers for involving in eco-friendly activities to that the global warming will be less and the greenness of the earth will be more.