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TWO YEAR B.ED & M.ED COURSE A BONANZA! The two year B.Ed, M.Edprogrammes provide greater scope for development of sound knowledge on different areas ie, content knowledge, knowledge on teaching –learning methodologies and knowledge pedagogy of teaching learning among the trainee- teachers. It develops a sound knowledge base for trainee- teachers in content areas, develops skills of trainee- teachers.The two year B.Edprogramme intends to develop among the trainee – teachers towards the profession. It intends to bring integrated development of the trainee-teachers touching both cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of their behaviors. It emphasizes the practical activities like internal assessment, Project works, Sessional works, internship in teaching practice of micro-teaching skills, community works, practice works relating to work experiences, innovative ways for conducting practical activities related to health and physical education, work experience, field work with community at large. The content materials on its programme are transacted to the trainee –teachers through many innovative teaching – learning strategies like problem solving, group discussion ,panel discussion, seminar, brain storming,practical work and project work,discovery method, competency based teaching, contextual transaction of the contents, demonstration –cum- discussion, participatory /activity based group work, case studies, practical exercises, innovations, individual/ group assignment. Face to face contact, library work, research approach...etc. Two year B.Ed trains the trainee-teachers properly to meet the multifarious problems of the school inside the classroom. It provides scope for pedagogical analysis of the content, units included in its curriculum. The pedagogical analysis becomes helpful for healthy integration of contents, methods,theories, practical... etc for meaningful transaction. The internship programme supplemented by several other innovative activities like practice of micro –teaching skills in stimulated classroom situation , orientation of teachers of co-operative schools, multi cultural placement, substantial field experiences, field observation, team teaching,substitute teaching ,demonstration of the lessons, observation of the lessons, preparation, use and exhibition of teaching aids, conducting action research, case study, participation in both curricular and co-curricular activities of the school, application of skills, garnering opportunities for reflection and application of their own experiences in the school situation, development of teaching learning materials, observation of school processes , taking the arrangement classes, peer group observation of teaching analysis of school experiences..etc along with the practice teaching. By Staff James college of Education, Mananvilai,Karungal, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.